Xanadu posts a unicorn valuation of $1.0b for quantum computing / Limehome’s 246% valuation increase for business traveler rental platform / Flat round for nature-focused tiny house rental company Getaway

Xanadu (www.xanadu.ai), an AI cloud based quantum computer company, raised a $100m Series C at a $1.0b valuation; a 150% increase from its $400m valuation Series B in May 2021, 19 months ago.

  • Investors. Georgian led. BDC Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Capricorn Investment Group, Forward Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Pegasus Tech Ventures, Timothy Draper, Porsche Automobil Holding, and Silicon Valley Bank participated.
  • Product. Quantum computing focused on developing next-generation battery development with the goal to make safer, lighter, and more cost-effective batteries for electric vehicles.
  • Product. Xanadu’s quantum computers aim to help with drug discovery, materials science, financial risk modelling, traffic optimization.
  • Customer. Volkswagen Group, National Research Council of Canada
  • Pricing. Software as a service model. Freemium model. $100 per 1 million shots on Borealis quantum hardware.


Limehome (www.limehome.com), a digital first European hotel network, raised a $44m Series C at a $388m valuation; a 246% increase from its $112m valuation Series B in Oct 2020, 26 months ago.

  • Investors. HV Capital, AW Rostamani, Lakestar, and Picus Capital led. Capital Four Management participated.
  • Product. Company leased apartments with a hotel like reservation and check in/out digital experience.
  • Product. 3,000 apartments across Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Hungary.
  • Product. Limehome Connect allows 3rd parties to use Limehome’s operating technology to manage their hotel or serviced apartments. Limehome will also provide interior design services to Limehome Connect customers.
  • Pricing. €91 to €218 per night for a Berlin apartment during first week of December.


Infinitum (www.goinfinitum.com), an electric motor company, raised a $110m Series D at a $310m valuation; a 230% increase from its $94m valuation Series C in May 2021, 19 months ago.

  • Investors. Alliance Resource Partners and Riverstone Holdings led. Rockwell Automation, Applied Ventures, and Aventurine Capital Management participated.
  • Product. Electric motors that are more efficient, smaller, lighter, and quieter than conventional motors.
  • Product. Infinitum motors use cases include HVAC systems, water treatment facilities, irrigation systems, commercial vehicles, aerospace, boats, construction and agriculture machinery, power generation.
  • Award. Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Sustainability Product of the Year, 2021 R&D 100 Award for technological and industry advancements in the IT/Electrical category and special recognition in the Green Tech category.


Harmonic (www.harmonic.ai), a startup company search query tool, raised a $23m Series A1 at a $243m valuation; a 417% increase from its $47m valuation Series A in Mar 2021, 21 months ago.

  • Investors. Sozo Ventures led. Floodgate Fund, Craft Ventures, and Pelion Venture Partners participated.
  • Product. Bloomberg Terminal for private markets.
  • Product. Harmonic’s data engine keeps 7M+ startups & 150M+ professional profiles fresh, so users can be updated when a company just raised a round, just hired a CTO, or just crossed the 1M follower mark on Twitter.
  • Product. Integrations with CRM software providers, open API available, and a Google Chrome extension.
  • Customers. MongoDB, Superhuman, a16z, Accel, Brex, Vouch, Notion, and Carta.


Getaway (www.getaway.house), a nature-focused tiny house rental company, raised a $15m Series D at a $160m valuation; a 5% increase from its $153m valuation Series C in Jan 2021, 23 months ago.

  • Investors. The rounds investors were not disclosed.
  • Product. Tiny homes, or “cabins”, located in nature-focused area available for rent. Think Airbnb for tiny homes.
  • Product. Fully set-up camping experience; pitched tent and premium bed linens (glamping?).
  • Product. 28 locations with over 1000 cabins.
  • Pricing. $758 for a 2 night stay in early Dec 2022 at Western Catskills, NY location.